What he heck is this?

This is a public chat network using the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol with SSL encryption to protect your privacy!
IRCS is run by the german hacker group The Hackers Choice (THC) with the motivation to support FREE SPEECH and to secure information exchange in the hacker scene.
TLS 1.2 is the required SSL protocol. The server on uses a certificate signed by Geotrust.
You can verify the server certificate by going to the online sslhopper ssl verification site

Nothing is logged, no logs will be given out to authorities!

Absolutly new to IRC?

Go to here for the basic commands
You can download the recommended IRC client IRSSI here:
linux ubuntu
linux fedora
linux debian


The SSL encrypted IRC network IRCS runs on host IRCS.THC.ORG port 6697!
!!!Make sure you verify the SSL server certificate in your client!!!
In IRSSI this is performed by adding the -SSL_VERIFY option to the /server commmand to connect!

How to use the Services?

Checkout for Nickname related help
For Channel related help

I lost my SSL Certificate?

No troubles, the SSL Certificate for the nickname identification is only optional.
You can still identify your nickname after connecting to IRCS by running:

/msg NickServ identify YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE

If you want to create a new Client SSL Certificate, U have to delete your nickname first from the system.
This can be down, after identifying to Nickserv as following:

/msg NickServ identify YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE

Now you can either use the webservice or the manual instructions to create your client certificate.

I lost my password?

No idea yet, contact gamma on IRCs or via Email for help.